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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing At A Price You Can Afford

Social media marketing is a must have these days. If you are not doing any social media marketing then you are ten steps behind your competitors. Now more than ever you need a social presence. We have been doing social media marketing for years and have over 100’s of customers. We have so many customers because we provide great service and we work with any budget. We understand that new businesses do not have the capital they need at first to get started, so we are here to help. We have multiple packages for you to choose from to help you increase your social presence or build a social presence for you.


75% Of All Business Have Seen A 50% Increase In Business Because Of Their Social Presence

We manage your Facebook account and Twitter account along with other social media platforms. We make sure we take your social presence to the next level by increasing your followers. Witch is great for branding yourself and we make sure that every day more and more people are liking your page and engaging with you. Witch is great for SEO aka search engine optimization. We can even make sure that we publish a new tweet or Facebook post daily or even weekly for you.


Why Social Media Marketing Is So Important And Why You Need Social Networks

Twitter —-> 320 million active users

Facebook —-> 1.59 billion monthly active users

LinkedIn —-> 400 million registered users

Google+ —-> 418 active million users

YouTube —- > 1 billion website visitors per month

Pinterest —- > 100 million users

Tumblr —->  200 million users

Instagram —-> 400 million active users

Flickr —-> 1 million users

Reddit —-> 36 million users

StumbleUpon —->  25 million users

Delicious —-> 5.3 million users

Digg —-> 11 million monthly users

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